This plugin is a Product Returns Management System.

Dealing with product returns and converting the experience into a lucrative opportunity is now made possible with the aid of a this product returns management system. With the help of this innovative and reliable system, you can now enhance your business’s operational efficiency.

  1. Automated workflows. The disposition of the return depends on data points scattered throughout the enterprise: the item’s value and materials, repair scope and cost, return source, and customer service contracts. Automating workflows drives repeatable processes and consistent routing that is efficient and measurably faster.
  2. Labels and attachments. Automated workflows validate RMAs, and generate labels and shipping documents. Accurately labeled shipments with required paperwork and pre-addressed, carrier-compliant labels experience fewer delays and create a predictable inbound return stream.
  3. User profiles. Profiles simplify user maintenance and permissions. User groups share attributes such as physical locations, payment terms, service contracts, and product return eligibility.


How it works ?

You are mobile repairman? On camera? You receive parcels from
your customers? this plugin is the solution for your customers to send you their item as simply as possible, regardless of the carrier, and follow him
processing their orders internally to the return delivery.

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